Topic – Teasing

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Teasing is making fun of someone. What happens when someone teases you? Your feelings might get hurt. You might get angry.

Ways People Tease

People can say things to tease you. Tina was running on the playground and she tripped. Pedro said, “Tina is a baby. She does not know how to run yet.” Pedro was teasing Tina.

People can do things to tease you. They might laugh at you or make faces. The teacher asked Abdul a question. Abdul said the wrong answer. Linda laughed at Abdul to tease him.

Ways to Stop Teasing

How can you stop someone who is teasing you? Here are some things you can try.

1. Tell the person to stop teasing you. Try not to get angry and yell. Say, “Please stop teasing me. I do not like it.”

2. Walk away from the person who is teasing you. Go far away so you cannot hear the teasing.

3. Tell the person how the teasing makes you feel. Some people say, “It hurts my feelings when you tease me.” Other people say, “It makes me angry when you tease me.”

4. Ask an adult to help you stop the teasing.

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