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Topic – Sustainable Use of Land and Resources

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Sustainable Use of Land and Resources

Children can help the environment by planting trees

Canadians understand how important it is to use our land and resources wisely. People who work in various industries take steps to protect Canada’s natural environments and natural resources. For example, the forestry industry, which cuts down trees to provide wood, works to protect forests.

This shows a forest plantation with new seedlings in New Zealand

The forestry industry plants trees in areas where all the trees have been cut down. This prevents Canada from losing too much of its forests. It’s important for future generations to have enough trees to meet their need for wood. Planting trees to replace trees that have been cut down is an example of using a natural resource (trees) in a sustainable way.

What Does Sustainable Mean?

Sustainable means “able to continue in the future.” For example, if the forestry industry never planted new trees, all the forests would eventually disappear—and so would the forestry industry. Planting new trees makes forests and the forestry industry sustainable.

Here is a factory that processes water bottle recycling

This is an energy solar farm in southern Ontario

People working in Canadian industries aren’t the only ones trying to protect our environment. Individuals and families across Canada are finding things they can do to help protect the environment and conserve our natural resources. Below are just two examples.

• Recycling materials such as paper and cardboard. That means fewer trees need to be cut down to make more paper and cardboard.

• Using solar panels to create electricity for a home. Some power plants that create electricity use up natural resources such as coal and natural gas.

The actions of one person or family don’t do a lot to help preserve our natural resources. But the actions of millions of Canadians can make a big difference!

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