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Lesson 12 – Stay Safe

Read About Staying Safe


Read the vocabulary terms to understand the reading better.


To burn means to be on fire or to be set on fire.


Something is dangerous when it can cause possible injury, pain, harm, or loss.


Detergents are liquid or powder chemical that is used for washing things.


Liquids are anything that can be poured and take the shape of the container it’s in.


A solid is an object that takes up space and keeps its own shape.


A symbol is something that is used to represent something else.


Poison is something that causes harm when it enters the body or touches the skin.

Stay Safe

Some liquids and solids are dangerous. Some can burn you. Others can harm lakes and rivers. Some liquids and solids can poison animals.

These are some symbols you may see on dangerous liquids and solids. Ask an adult for help if you see these symbols.

This symbol means what is inside can burn your skin. Bottles of bleach have this symbol.

This symbol means poison is inside. Detergents and other cleaners have this symbol.

This symbol means what is inside can catch fire. This symbol is on hairspray and oven cleaner.

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