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Lesson 16 – Squirrel Adaptations

Read About Squirrel Adaptations


Read the vocabulary terms to understand the reading better.


An adaptation is something that helps an animal survive, including changes in looks or behaviour.


A shell is the hard outer covering of a nut.

Squirrel Adaptations

Squirrels have adaptations to help them survive.

What Is an Adaptation?

An adaptation is something that helps an animal survive. There are two types of adaptions. Some adaptations are body parts. Other adaptations are things the animal does.

Squirrel Body Parts

Squirrels have strong teeth. Squirrels like to eat nuts. Nuts have a hard shell on the outside. Squirrels use their teeth to break open the shell on a nut. Strong teeth are an adaptation.

Squirrels have sharp claws. Sharp claws help squirrels climb trees. Sharp claws also help squirrels hold on to nuts when they are eating. Sharp claws are an adaptation.

Things a Squirrel Does

Squirrels bury nuts. Squirrels dig up the nuts when it is hard to find food. Burying nuts to eat later is an adaptation.

Squirrels climb trees. Climbing up a tall tree is how squirrels get away from danger. Climbing trees is an adaptation.

Squirrels make noises when danger is near. The noises tell other squirrels that danger is near. Making noises to warn of danger is an adaptation.

To learn more about squirrels, watch the video by SciShow Kids on Youtube.


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