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Topic – Spider-Man

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Spider-Man is a very popular comic book superhero. The first comic book about Spider-Man came out in 1963. Since then, 700 different Spider-Man comic books have been published. TV shows have been made about Spider-Man. Some of these were animated cartoons and some had live actors. Five movies about Spider-Man have been made so far.

What Are Spider-Man’s Powers?

All superheroes have special powers. Spider-Man got his powers when a radioactive spider bit him. The bite made him extra strong for his size and very fast. He can jump huge distances. He can cling to walls. He has the ability to know when danger is close. This is called his “spidey-sense.” To help him use these powers better, Spider-Man invented “web-shooters” that he wears on his wrists. They shoot out material like a web so he can swing between things.

Who Is Spider-Man?

Spider-Man’s real name is Peter Parker. In the first comic book, Peter was 15 years old. He was an orphan who lived with an aunt and uncle. Peter was very smart in school in science. But he was very shy. Some of his classmates were very cruel to him. Then he was bitten by the spider.

As Peter grew older, he graduated from high school and went to university. He worked as a photographer for a newspaper. But his main job was fighting bad people. To do this, he wore a disguise so no one would know who he was.

Why Is Spider-Man So Popular?

Spider-Man is popular because he is just like other people. Peter Parker went to school. He got a job to make money. He had problems with friends. Young people can understand him because he is young too. The superpowers that make him Spider-Man do not make him different. He is still Peter Parker.

Readers also like Spider-Man because he uses his powers for good. He never gives up. He does not use powerful weapons to hurt people. He can do amazing things with his body that help him stop his enemies. And he has a really cool costume!

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