Topic – Slimy, Squiggly Worms!

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Slimy, Squiggly Worms!

Some people do not like earthworms because they are slimy and squiggly. Did you know that earthworms help plants grow?

Where Earthworms Live

Earthworms live in soil all around the world. They create tunnels called burrows in the soil. They come out of their burrows at night and after it rains. When rain fills their burrows with water, earthworms come above ground so they will not drown.

Slimy Skin

The slime on an earthworm’s body helps keep its skin moist. Earthworms breathe through their skin, and they need moist skin to breathe.

Inside an Earthworm

An earthworm has a brain, five hearts, and no bones. Inside an earthworm’s mouth you will not find teeth or a tongue. Earthworms use their skin to taste things.

Lunch for an Earthworm

As an earthworm digs its burrow, it eats soil. The soil contains tiny bits of plants, and these provide food for the worm. The soil passes through the earthworm’s body and comes out the tail in small lumps called castings.

How Earthworms Help Plants

An earthworm’s castings contain lots of nutrients that help plants grow. Earthworm burrows help plants grow roots deep into the soil. It is easy for a plant to grow roots down an earthworm burrow. Growing roots down through soil is harder work for the plant.

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