Topic – Simple Machines Working Together

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Simple Machines Working Together

Some machines have simple machines in them.


Scissors are made up of two levers and wedges. The two handles you squeeze are levers. The scissors cut because the blades are sharp-edged wedges.


A shovel is also made up of a lever and a wedge. The blade is a wedge. It helps you cut into the ground. The handle is the lever. Your hands are the support, or fulcrum that the lever balances on. It lets you lift the dirt more easily.


A bicycle uses many simple machines. The wheels and axles on a bicycle are easy to see. Each brake is a set of levers. Gears make the wheels turn.

Living with Machines

Simple machines and devices make life easier for people. Machines help us get around. They help us move large and heavy things.

Machines Make Life Better

There are many ways machines help us. Wheelchairs allow people with disabilities to get around. Wheelchairs roll easily because they have wheels and axles. People in wheelchairs cannot roll up stairs. But they can roll up inclined planes.

Simple machines and mechanisms make life more fun. Pianos use levers. When you press a key, a lever hits a string. This makes a sound. People also use machines such as treadmills to be fit and healthy. Treadmills have inclined planes that can make exercising more difficult or easier.

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