Lesson 05 – Reflected Light

Read About Reflected Light


Read the vocabulary terms to understand the reading better.

Light Source

A light source is where light comes from.

Reflected Light

Reflected light is light that is bounced off of an object.


Reflection occurs when light travelling through one material bounces off a different material.

Reflected Light

We can see light from things that produce light, such as the Sun and fire. But how do we see objects that do not produce light? Light travels in a straight line and it bounces off objects. Light that bounces off an object is called reflected light. Moonlight is reflected sunlight. Light from reflective clothing is light that bounces off the clothing. Reflected light also travels in a straight line.

How do we see objects? Light from a light source reflects off an object. Then the reflected light travels in a straight line into our eyes. We cannot see objects when it is completely dark because there is no light to reflect off them.

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