Lesson 05 – Pulleys and Gears in Daily Life

Read About Pulleys and Gears in Daily Life


Read the vocabulary terms to understand the reading better.


A gear is a wheel with teeth around it that slot together with other gears.


A machine is a device that does a specific physical task.


A pulley is a simple machine that uses a wheel that has a groove in it.

Pulleys and Gears in Daily Life

Machines can make work easier. Many machines use pulleys and gears. Taking an elevator is easier than climbing stairs. Pulleys and gears make an elevator work.

Clothes dryers use pulleys and gears to tumble clothes. Clotheslines use sunshine and wind to dry clothes. Clotheslines use pulleys, too. The pulleys on a clothesline let you stand in one place and move the line.

Cars, buses, and bicycles move people from place to place. Those machines use pulleys and gears. Many machines at home use pulleys and gears, too.

To learn more about pulleys, watch the video by Harmony Square on Youtube.

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