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Topic – Plants Are All Around Us

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Plants Are All Around Us

Plants are all around us. Grass, flowers, bushes, and trees are all different kinds of plants. Look out a window. Do you see any plants?

Forests are full of trees. Some forest animals make their homes in trees. Birds build nests in trees. Some squirrels make homes in tree branches. Other squirrels live in holes they find inside trees.

People grow plants in gardens at their homes.

Many garden plants have flowers. One tulip plant grows only one flower. One rose bush can grow many roses.

Farmers grow plants that give us food. The corn, carrots, and potatoes people buy in stores all come from plants that farmers grew. Some farmers grow wheat, which we use to make bread.

Did you know that some plants grow underwater? Seaweed grows in lakes and oceans. Seals and sea turtles eat seaweed. Some people eat seaweed too! Seaweed is a healthy food because it has lots of vitamins.

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