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Topic – Places for Everyone in a Community

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Read about places in the community, or click on the play button below to listen aloud.

Places for Everyone in a Community

Most communities have places everyone can use.

Public Library

In some ways, a library is like a big bookstore. Both places have lots of different books. Workers in both places can help you find the book you want or a book you might like reading.

People buy books from a bookstore. It is free to take out books from a library. People can’t keep library books forever. They need to take the book back to the library by a certain date. That date is called the due date.

Community Pool

Most people do not have a backyard with a pool. A community pool is a place where anyone can swim. On a very hot day, most community pools are very busy. Community pools have lifeguards that keep people safe. Lifeguards make sure everyone follows the rules, like no running around the pool.


Parks usually have grass and trees. Some parks have gardens with flowers. Many parks have places where children can play. They might have swings and slides and things that children can climb on.

Workers look after parks to keep them looking nice. They cut the grass, water the flowers, and pick up litter. Anyone can go to a park to enjoy spending time outdoors.

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Brain Stretch: Have you been to a library, community pool, or park before? Draw a picture of the experience and write a caption for it.