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Topic – People on the Move

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People on the Move

How do people go places in a community?

Some people have a car. They drive to places they want to go. There are roads to drive on in the community. People park their cars in driveways, on the side of a street, or in a parking lot. Some people drive a van or a truck instead of a car.

Some people take a bus. Most communities have buses that take people to different places. People wait at a bus stop until the bus comes. They pay when they get on the bus.

Some people take a taxi. A taxi is a car that drives people where they want to go. People call a taxi company. They tell the taxi company where to send a taxi to pick them up. When people get in a taxi, they tell the taxi driver where they are going. People pay the taxi driver at the end of the trip.

Some big cities have a subway. A subway has trains that drive in underground tunnels. People go to a subway station to get on a train. They pay before they get on the train.

Some people ride bikes. Some communities have special bike lanes on some roads. Only bikes can go in bike lanes. Cars and buses cannot drive in bike lanes. Bike lanes keep people on bikes safe.

Some people walk. Many streets have sidewalks for people to walk on. Walking on a sidewalk is safer than walking on a street.

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