Topic – Parts of a Flower

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Read the Following Selection

Read about the parts of a flower, or click on the play button below to listen aloud.

Parts of a Flower

What do the different parts of a flower do?

Sepals: A flower starts out as a flower bud. On the outside of the flower bud aresmall green leaves called sepals. The sepals protect the flower growing inside.
When the flower blooms, you can see the sepals at the bottom of the flower.

Petals: Some flowers have large petals, and some have small petals. The petals are often brightly coloured. The petals can make birds and insects want to come to the flower.

Pistil: The pistil is in the middle of the flower. At the bottom of the pistil there is a thick part where seeds grow.

Stamens: The stamens are long and thin. They grow all around the pistil. The top part of the stamen makes a powder called pollen. Pollen from the stamen gets on the top of the pistil. Then a seed grows in the pistil.

Making Seeds

A flower makes seeds. Pollen helps make the seeds. Pollen must get from the stamen to the pistil. How does this happen? Wind can blow pollen from the stamens to the pistil. Or, insects can move the pollen. An insect might visit the flower and land on a stamen. Some pollen sticks to the insect’s feet and body. That pollen can rub onto the pistil when the insect passes it. Pollination happens when pollen gets on the top part of the pistil.

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