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Topic – Old Cat and Little Cat

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Old Cat and Little Cat

Based On a Chinese Folktale

Old Cat picked up his fishing pole. “Can I come fishing, too?” asked Little Cat as she jumped and hopped about. “Please can I come?”

“You need to be still and quiet, or you will not catch any fish,” said Old Cat. Little Cat promised to be still and quiet. “We will see about that,” Old Cat said to himself. He let Little Cat come fishing.

When they got to the river, Old Cat said, “Here is a good spot.” He sat down and started fishing. Little Cat was about to sit beside him when a dragonfly flew by.

“A dragonfly!” shouted Little Cat. She dropped her fishing pole and chased the dragonfly, but it got away. When she returned, she saw that Old Cat had caught a big fish. “I want to catch a big fish, too,” she said. Old Cat said nothing.

Little Cat sat down and started to fish. Soon she shouted, “Look, a butterfly!” Little Cat chased the butterfly, but it got away. When she returned, she saw that Old Cat had caught another big fish. “You are catching all the fish,” Little Cat said to Old Cat. “You are not leaving any fish for me!”

“Listen,” Old Cat said softly. “If you want to catch fish, you have to sit here and fish. You cannot chase dragonflies and butterflies and catch fish at the same time. Choose one thing to do and stick to it.”

Little Cat sat quietly by the river and fished. A dragonfly flew by, but Little Cat did not move. A butterfly flew by, but Little Cat kept on fishing. Soon after that, Little Cat caught a great big fish.

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