Lesson 02 – Natural Structures

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Read About Natural Structures


Read the vocabulary terms to understand the reading better.

A beehive is a natural structure in which honey bees store honey, live, and raise their young.

A load is the mass or weight supported by something.

Purpose means the reason for which something is made or done.

A structure is something that is made from different parts and joined together in a certain way to support a load.

A tree trunk is the thick main stem of a tree.

Natural Structures

You can find many structures in nature.

Look at the two examples below.


A tree is a structure. A tree holds a load, has size and shape, and has a purpose.

It is easy to see that every tree has a size and shape. What load does a tree hold? A tree has to hold up the weight of its trunk, branches, and leaves. If a tree cannot hold up this load, it will fall over.

What is the purpose of a tree? A tree makes seeds so other trees just like it can grow.


Bees make a home called a beehive. Thousands of bees can live in one beehive. Bees make honey, and they store the honey inside the beehive.

A beehive is a structure. A beehive has size and shape. The load that a beehive holds includes the bees and the honey. The purpose of a beehive is to give the bees a home, a place to store food, and a place to keep their eggs safe.

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