Lesson 12 – Natural Habitats and Humans

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Read About Natural Habitats and Humans


Read the vocabulary terms to understand the reading better.

Cities are habitats for humans, plants, and wild creatures, where many people live close together.

A habitat is the natural environment in which an animal, plant or other living thing lives.

Natural habitats are natural environments in which a species or groups of species live.

Wetlands are found between water and dry land. Swamps and marshes are wetlands.

What Is a Natural Habitat?

A natural habitat is not made by humans. Examples include deserts, forests, rivers, oceans, and lakes.

Cities are habitats for many living things. Plants, birds, insects, and squirrels live in cities. Humans create cities. Cities are not natural habitats.

How Do Humans Depend on Natural Habitats?

Humans depend on natural habitats. Look at some ways natural habitats help us.

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