Topic – Moving in a Wheelchair

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Moving in a Wheelchair

Stella uses a wheelchair to move around.

Moving Forward and Backward

Stella’s wheelchair has four wheels. The two wheels at the back are big. Stella uses the big wheels to make the wheelchair move. Wheels are simple machines that make things easy to move.

Stella uses her arms to push the big wheels. She pushes the wheels forward to move forward. She pushes the wheels backward to move backward. Stella pushes the wheels harder to make the wheelchair go faster.

Going Around Corners

Stella can make her wheelchair go around corners. She pushes the right wheel harder to turn left. She pushes the left wheel harder to turn right.

Using a Ramp

A wheelchair cannot go up stairs. Many places have a ramp for people who use a wheelchair. A ramp is a simple machine. Stella pushes the wheels harder when she goes up a ramp.

Stella does not have to push the wheels to go down a ramp. She holds the railing on the ramp when she goes down. She does not want to go down too quickly.

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