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Lesson 16 – More About Water

Read More About Water


Read the vocabulary terms to understand the reading better.


Evaporation is when water turns from a liquid to a gas.


Frost is what we call the white ice crystals we see on a cold day when water vapour freezes onto a surface like a window.


Fog is tiny water droplets that hover in the air.  Fog is like a cloud, but not high in the sky.


Gas is a substance that behaves like the air around us. Gas does not have its own shape and takes the shape of any container it is put into.


Hail is balls of ice that form when drops of water freeze together high up in clouds.


When liquid water or water vapour freezes, it changes into solid water, called ice.


A solid is any object that takes up space and keeps its own shape.


Water is a  clear liquid that has no taste or smell.

Water Vapour

Water vapour is water in gas form.

More About Water

Water Is a Solid

Sometimes we use water as a solid. Water becomes solid when it freezes. It is called ice.

Ice is hard. It cannot be poured. You can pick up and move a solid. Can you pick up a liquid?

Did you know that these are solids?


Water Is a Gas

Water evaporates and changes into vapour when it is heated. Vapour is a gas. You cannot always see the gas in the air.

Did you know that fog and mist are not gases? They are actually tiny water drops in the air.

Water turns to a gas as it evaporates from clothes drying on a clothesline.

To learn more about water, watch the video by SciShow Kids on Youtube.

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