Topic – Machines Need Energy

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Read the Following Selection

Read about machines, or click on the play button below to listen aloud.

Machines Need Energy

Machines need energy to work. Where does the energy come from?

Plug It In

Some machines have a plug at the end of a cord. The plug goes into a wall outlet. Energy from the wall outlet goes into the machine. Now the machine will work.

Be safe! Stay away from wall outlets. Ask an adult to put a plug into a wall outlet. Ask an adult to pull out a plug.

Use Batteries

Some machines do not have a cord with a plug. How do they get energy? They get energy from batteries.

The energy in batteries gets used up over time. Then the machine stops working. It is time to put in new batteries.

Be safe! Ask an adult to put new batteries in a toy or machine.

Rechargeable Batteries

You can use rechargeable batteries over and over again. What happens when all the energy is used up? You can use a recharger. A recharger puts more energy into batteries.

A recharger has a plug that goes into a wall outlet. Energy from the wall outlet goes into the batteries.

Soon the batteries are full of energy again. They are ready to go back into a machine.

Be safe! Children should not use a recharger. Always ask an adult to recharge batteries.

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