Topic – Liquids and Solids Every Day

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Read the Following Selection

Read about liquids and solids, or click on the play button below to listen aloud.

Liquids and Solids Every Day

You pour a glass of water. You bite into a juicy apple. You drink and eat many liquids and solids every day.

You use liquids and solids in many other ways. If you have a bad cold, you might swallow liquid or solid medicine. It is important to take medicine carefully. Ask an adult to read the package. Never take someone else’s medicine.

Cleanup Time

Water is a great help when cleaning up a mess. Sometimes you also need a bar of soap. A sponge is a solid that can help clean up. Liquids and solids can help you clean many things.

Some cleaning liquids and solids are poisonous. They should be stored carefully and put where young children cannot reach them.

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