Topic – Life Cycle of a Plant

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Read the Following Selection

Read about the life cycle of a plant, or click on the play button below to listen aloud.

Life Cycle of a Plant

Read about the life cycle of a plant that makes fruit with seeds inside.

1. A seed gets water. A tiny plant pushes out of the seed.

2. A root begins to grow down into the soil. The stem grows up out of the soil. Now the plant is called a sprout.

3. The sprout’s stem grows taller and leaves appear. Now the plant is called a seedling.

4. Over time, the plant grows larger. More leaves grow. The plant becomes an adult plant. Now it can grow flowers.

5. Each flower turns into a fruit that has seeds inside. The fruit falls on the ground and rots away. The seeds do not rot. The seeds get buried in the soil and the cycle starts over.

Seed Facts

A seed always grows into the same type of plant that made it. A seed from an orange only grows into an orange tree.

One plant can make many seeds. Why do plants make so many seeds?
Some of the seeds might not grow into adult plants. Here are two reasons why:

• The seed might fall on rocky ground where it cannot grow.

• The seed might fall in a dry place. It might not have enough water to grow.

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