Lesson 09 – Life Cycle of a Brown Bear

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Read About the Life Cycle of a Brown Bear


Read the vocabulary terms to understand the reading better.

A cave is a natural hollow and dark space under the ground that has an opening.

A cub is the young of some mammals such as bears, lions, wolves and big cats.

A den is the resting place of wolves, lions, and other large wild animals.

When animals hibernate, it means that they are going into a deep long sleep, usually during the winter.

Mates are a pair of animals that live or have offspring together.

Life Cycle of a Brown Bear

Hibernating in a Den

Winter is coming. A female brown bear finds a cave or digs a cave in the dirt. The cave will be her den. She hibernates in the den during the winter. Hibernating is like sleeping all winter long.

A Cub Is Born

A baby brown bear is growing inside its mother’s body. The baby bear is born while the mother is hibernating in the den. The baby bear is called a cub. The cub drinks milk from its mother’s body. The cub grows bigger.

Leaving the Den

The mother bear stops hibernating when spring comes. The mother bear and the cub come out of the den. The cub learns by watching its mother. The cub learns how to find food. The cub eats lots of food to help it grow. The cub stays with its mother until it is two or three years old. Then it is time for the cub to go away to live on its own.

The Cub Becomes an Adult

The cub becomes an adult bear when it is five or six years old. At age 5 or 6, a female brown bear is old enough to find a mate. Then she will have her own cub when she hibernates in winter.

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