Lesson 05 – Levers at Work

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Read About Levers


Read the vocabulary terms to understand the reading better.

A lever can help move heavy objects such as heavy furniture or a large rock. When one side of a lever gets pushed down, the other side goes up. A seesaw is an example of a lever.

The load is the object being moved or lifted.

Simple machines make work easier and have few or no moving parts.

The support or fulcrum is the place where a lever pivots.


A lever is a simple machine. It moves a load. A load is a thing being moved. A lever is a bar. It balances on a support, or fulcrum. Moving the support changes how much effort is needed.

Push down on the lever to lift the rock up.

Sometimes the support is in the middle of the lever. A see-saw in the park is a lever. The support on a see-saw is in the middle.

Sometimes the support is close to one end. A wheelbarrow is this type of lever. The wheel is the support. You pull up on the handles of a wheelbarrow. Moving a heavy load is easier in a wheelbarrow.

Did You Know?

Hockey sticks and baseball bats are levers. Your hands are the support for both of these levers.

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