Topic – Let’s Fly a Kite!

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Let’s Fly a Kite!

On a windy day, it can be fun to fly a kite. Kites need wind to make them fly up in the sky.

A kite is attached to a string called a kite line. The other end of the kite line is wrapped around a piece of wood called a spool. When you fly a kite, you hold on to the spool. If you let go of the spool, the kite might fly far away.

Kite Shapes

Kites come in various shapes. The kites you see most often are shaped like a diamond or a triangle. Around the world, there are places where people make kites shaped like different animals. Bali is an island. People there love to fly kites! They fly kites in the shapes of birds, fish, butterflies, and even dragons. Some kites are carefully painted so they look just like the animals.

In Japan, many people fly kites in the shape of a fish called a carp. Carp kites are often painted bright colours, such as red, gold, and blue.

Special Times for Flying Kites

In Bali, the Bali Kite Festival happens every July. You can see many giant bird and fish kites in the sky during this festival.

In Japan, there is a holiday called Children’s Day. Children’s Day happens every year on May 5. Many families in Japan go outside to fly carp kites on Children’s Day.

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