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Topic – Keeping Food Cold

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Keeping Food Cold

What Do Refrigerators Do?

Refrigerators make things get cold and stay cold. The freezer part of a refrigerator makes and keeps things very cold—as cold as ice!

Why Do People Need Refrigerators?

The main reason people need refrigerators is that some foods will go bad if they are not kept in a cold place. Eating food that has gone bad can make you sick. A refrigerator keeps food cold so it will not go bad.

How Do People Use the Freezer Part of a Refrigerator?

Foods such as meat that has not been cooked can quickly go bad in a refrigerator. Freezing uncooked meat keeps it from going bad. Only the freezer is cold enough to make things freeze. Ice cubes need to stay frozen or they will melt into water. That is why people need to make and keep ice cubes in the freezer. The refrigerator is not cold enough to freeze water into ice, or to keep ice cubes from melting.

How Does a Freezer Change Foods?

Soft foods get hard when they freeze. Bread and strawberries are soft, but when they freeze they can be as hard as a rock! We take these foods out of the freezer to let them thaw. They get soft again so we can eat them. Ice cream needs to stay frozen or it will melt. But frozen ice cream can be very hard. It isn’t easy to scoop hard ice cream out of the container. Many people take ice cream out of the freezer for a few minutes before they scoop it. The ice cream gets a bit softer, so it is easier to scoop.

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