Topic – How We Use Water at Home

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How We Use Water at Home

Read about different ways we use water at home.

Water for Drinking

Living things need water. We drink water when we are thirsty. People give water to their pets. Animals need water, too.

Water for Cooking

We use water to cook. People use water to make soup. People use water to cook eggs. Eggs cook in boiling water. Boiling water is very hot. Stay away from boiling water.

Water for Plants

Plants are living things, so plants need water. People water plants in their homes. People water plants in gardens. Garden plants also get water when it rains.

Water for Washing

Water helps make things clean. People use water to take a bath or shower. People also use water when they wash their hands.

People use water to wash clothes. They use water to wash cars and mop floors. Water helps make dirty dishes clean again.

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