Topic – How We Use Energy

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How We Use Energy

Canada is a very developed country. We use a lot of energy in our homes, schools, businesses, and for transportation. The government of Canada measures how much energy is used in four areas:

  Residential—This includes houses and apartments

  Commercial/Institutional—This includes buildings such as offices, stores, malls, hospitals, and schools

  Industrial—This includes buildings and equipment used for industries: examples of industries are manufacturing, construction, agriculture, mining, and forestry

  Transportation—This includes all vehicles that move people or goods: examples include cars, buses, trucks, and trains

The circle graph shows approximately how much energy is used in each of these areas.

Energy Use in Our Homes

In Canada, natural gas and electricity are used to heat most homes, including apartment buildings. About 20 percent of all homes are heated through the use of other fuels such as oil, wood, wood pellets, or propane. We also use energy in our homes for other purposes, including:


  heating water

  appliances such as refrigerators and blenders

  electronic equipment such as televisions and computers

The amount of electricity we use in our homes is increasing every year.

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