Topic – How Does a Greenhouse Work?

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How Does a Greenhouse Work?

What Is a Greenhouse?

In some seasons, it is too cold for plants to grow outside. A greenhouse is a place where plants can grow all year long. Some of the fresh fruits and vegetables you can buy in winter were grown in a greenhouse.

What Materials Are Used to Build a Greenhouse?

A greenhouse has a strong frame made of steel or wood. The walls and roof are made of glass or clear plastic.

How Does a Greenhouse Help Plants Grow?

Plants need light and warmth. The walls and roof of a greenhouse let in lots of sunlight. The sunlight helps keep the greenhouse warm, even when it is cold outside. The glass or plastic traps warmth from sunlight inside the greenhouse.

Plants also need water. Some greenhouse gardeners water plants by hand. A large greenhouse might have sprinklers to keep the soil moist.

How Do Greenhouses Avoid Getting Too Hot on Sunny Days?

On a very sunny day, lots of sunlight comes into the greenhouse. Sometimes the air in the greenhouse starts to get too warm for the plants. Some greenhouses have windows that open. The warm air flows out the windows so the air inside gets cooler. Some greenhouses use fans that can blow the hot air outside. Fans help keep the temperature of the greenhouse just right.

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