Lesson 09 – How Do We Use Air?

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Read About How We Use Air


Read the vocabulary terms to understand the reading better.

Air is a clear odourless gas that living things need to stay alive.

A hairdryer is a handheld device that dries hair by blowing air.

A leaf blower is a machine that blows out air to move leaves.

Our lungs are sack-like organs that pull in air and push out air to breathe.

A pump is a machine that moves air into a bicycle tire to inflate it.

How Do We Use Air?

Read about some different ways people use air.


People need air to breathe. We breathe in to pull air down into our lungs. We push the air out of our lungs when we breathe out. We breathe fast when we run. Our body needs more air when we run.

Filling Tires

Bike tires and car tires are filled with air. People use a pump to push air inside tires. A tire gets flat when it has a hole in it. The air inside the tire goes out of the hole.

People glue a patch on the hole to cover it. Then they use a pump to fill the tire with air again.

Drying Hair

People use a hairdryer to dry their hair. The hairdryer sucks in cool air. Next, the hairdryer heats the air to make it warm. Then the hairdryer blows out warm air. Warm moving air makes hair dry quickly.

Gathering Leaves

Some people use a leaf blower to gather leaves. A leaf blower blows out air that pushes leaves. People use a leaf blower to push all the leaves to one spot. Then they put the leaves in garbage bags.

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