Topic – How Do Plants, Animals, and People Get Energy?

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Read the Following Selection

Read about how things get energy, or click on the play button below to listen aloud.

How Do Plants, Animals, and People Get Energy?


Plants get energy from the Sun. They use the energy in sunlight to make food for themselves. The food gives the plant energy to grow.

People and animals cannot get energy from sunlight. Plants contain energy from the Sun. People and animals can eat plants to get energy.

Many people and some animals get energy from eating meat. Meat comes from animals. For example, people eat beef which comes from cows. Cows contain energy they got from eating plants such as grass. The grass got energy from sunlight. All of this energy started out as the energy in sunlight.

sunlight  –> plants  ->   small animal  –>  snake  –>   hawk

A hawk eats snakes. Snakes do not eat plants, but they do eat small animals that eat plants. Look at how the energy that starts as sunlight gets to the hawk.

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