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Topic – How Communities Change

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How Communities Change

Communities do not stay the same. Over time, communities change.

People in a Community

The people in a community change. Rosa lived across the street from the house where the Lee family lived. Then the Lee family moved to a different city.

Mr. Goldman moved into the house after the Lee family moved out. Mr. Goldman is a new person in the community. Rosa and her mother said, “Hi, Mr. Goldman. Welcome to our community.”

Buildings in a Community

The buildings in a community change. There is a big field behind Carl’s house. Construction workers are building houses in the field. Now there are new buildings in Carl’s community.

Sometimes workers tear down an old building in a community. There was an old store near Rosa’s house. Workers tore it down.

“Are they going to build a new building where the store was?” Rosa asked her mother.

“No,” said Rosa’s mother. “They are going to make a park.”

“Good,” said Rosa. “That will be a nice change in our community.”

“Our community is changing all the time,” said Rosa’s mother.

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