Topic – Hospitals and Community Centres

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Hospitals and Community Centres

Many cities have a hospital and a community centre.


Some people who are sick go to stay in a hospital. There are many rooms in a hospital. The rooms have beds for sick people. A bed is a good place to rest if you are sick.

Doctors and nurses work at a hospital. They help sick people get better. Many other people work at a hospital, too. Janitors keep hospitals clean. Cooks make food for people in the hospital. Some people wash bed sheets. A hospital needs lots of bedsheets.

Community Centre

People play sports at many community centres. Some community centres have an indoor rink for skating and hockey. There might be a gym for playing sports such as basketball. Sometimes there is a field where people can play soccer and baseball. There is an indoor pool in some community centres. People swim and take swimming lessons.

Most community centres have rooms where people in clubs and groups can meet. Some community centres have clubs for children. The children come together in a room to do lots of fun activities.

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