Topic – Helping Each Other

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Helping Each Other

Here are some ways that plants and animals help each other.

Plants provide food that gives animals energy. Animals eat food, then leave manure on the ground. Manure is a fertilizer that helps plants grow.

Plants grow fruits that animals eat. These fruits contain seeds. The seeds come out in the animal’s manure. The animals leave manure in different places. This helps seeds travel to different places.

Animals need oxygen, which is in air. Animals take in oxygen when they breathe. Animals breathe out carbon dioxide. This goes into the air.

Plants need the carbon dioxide that animals breathe out. Plants use the carbon dioxide to make their own food and release oxygen into the air.

Plants Help People

Plants help people, too. Here are a few examples:

  People get energy from the plants they eat. People also eat animals that eat plants.

  People need to breathe in the oxygen that plants make.

  People make useful things from plants. Cotton is a plant used to make clothes. Many medicines come from plants. Trees provide wood for paper and to build furniture and houses.

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