Topic – Growing Plants for Food

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Read about growing plants for food, or click on the play button below to listen aloud.

Growing Plants for Food

Read about four places where people grow plants for food.


Farms have large fields where plants grow. Many farms grow corn, wheat, and oats. Wheat is used to make bread. Many breakfast cereals contain oats. Corn is used in food and other products.


Most types of fruit grow on trees. An orchard is a tree farm. Many orchards in Canada grow apple trees and peach trees. Some orchards grow trees or bushes that produce nuts. Walnuts grow on trees. Peanuts grow in the ground under a bushy plant.


Greenhouses are buildings with roofs and walls made of glass. All that glass lets in sunlight. Plants growing inside get a lot of light. Sunlight also provides plants with the warmth they need to grow.

Greenhouses are warm inside. This makes it possible to grow plants in colder weather. Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and lettuce are some of the foods that grow in greenhouses.

Home Gardens

Many people grow food in a home garden.
They might grow carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, and green beans. Food from a home garden is fresher than food from a grocery store. Growing your own vegetables is fun!

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