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Topic – Gossip

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What Is Gossip?

Gossip is talking about someone in a way that would make the person feel angry, hurt, or embarrassed. People repeat the gossip to others, and soon lots of people have heard it.

Why Do People Gossip?

Sometimes people gossip to be mean to someone they do not like. They want the person to feel angry, hurt, or embarrassed when they find out about the gossip. Sometimes people gossip as a way of showing off. They like to show people that they know things that others do not know.

Should You Believe Gossip?

Gossip can be true or partly true. Sometimes gossip is not true at all because someone made it up. When you hear gossip, remind yourself that you do not know how true it is. It might be just a lie.

Should You Repeat Gossip to Others?

It is not nice to tell stories that could make someone feel bad. Even if you know the gossip is true, don’t repeat it. The information you heard might be something the person wants to keep private. You would not want people to gossip about something you want to keep private. Be kind to others by not repeating gossip about them.

When Should You Tell Someone What You Heard?

Tell an adult when you hear about something that could be dangerous. For example, you might hear that someone in your class is getting to school by walking on train tracks. Telling an adult about this is not gossip because you are trying to keep someone safe.

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