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Lesson 19 – Freezing Rain

Read About Freezing Rain


Read the vocabulary terms to understand the reading better.

Freezing Rain

Freezing rain is what we call rain that falls when the temperature is below freezing.


When liquid water or water vapour freezes, it changes into solid water, called ice.


Rain is the liquid form of water that falls from the sky in drops.

Freezing Rain

Rain falls from the sky. Sometimes the air close to the ground is very cold. When rain hits the ground, it freezes into ice. Rain that freezes is called freezing rain.

Freezing rain makes ice on roads. Icy roads can be dangerous. Cars can slip and slide. Cars might have trouble stopping. Ice on roads can make cars crash into each other.

Freezing rain makes ice on sidewalks. People can slip and slide on an icy sidewalk. Sometimes people fall and get hurt.

Sand makes ice less slippery. People put sand on icy roads and sidewalks. Sand helps to keep people and cars from slipping and sliding.

Salt makes ice melt. People put salt on icy roads and sidewalks to melt the ice.

Freezing rain makes ice on trees. Ice makes tree branches heavy. Lots of ice can make a tree branch break and fall. Falling branches can be dangerous. They can hurt people. Falling branches can also damage cars and houses.

Sometimes freezing rain makes ice on outdoor skating rinks. That makes skaters happy. Skaters need slippery ice to skate on.

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