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Topic – Forest Fires

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Forest Fires

A small fire starts in a forest. The fire spreads quickly, and soon a large part of the forest is on fire. This type of fire is called a forest fire.

When Do Forest Fires Happen?

Most forest fires happen in summer and fall. Dead plants, branches, and leaves on the forest floor get very dry. These dry plant parts catch fire easily. Many fires start when there has been no rain for a long time.

How Do Forest Fires Start?

Most forest fires are started by people. Campers might start a small fire to cook some food. If they are not careful, the fire might start to spread. Sometimes lightning starts forest fires. Lightning is very hot. When lightning strikes a tree or the forest floor, a fire can start.

Why Does Wind Make Forest Fires Worse?

Fire needs two things—fuel (something to burn) and air. Wind brings lots of air to a fire, so wind helps fires burn. Wind also helps fires spread. The wind picks up burning leaves and drops them in places that are not burning. Then a new fire starts.

How Do Firefighters Stop Fires?

A fire will go out when it does not have fuel. Sometimes firefighters start small fires around the forest fire. The fires burn up all the fuel in the area. Firefighters make sure these small fires do not spread. When the forest fire reaches an area that has already burned, the fire will not have fuel and will go out.

To fight large forest fires, planes drop water on the fire. The planes make many trips to drop water on all the places that are burning.

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