Lesson 08 – Food Chains

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Read About Food Chains


Read the vocabulary terms to understand the reading better.

An ecosystem is made up of all the living things and non-living things that interact in a certain area.

A food chain is a diagram that shows the sequence of living things in which one feeds on the living thing below it.

A food web is a diagram that shows all of the food chains in an ecosystem.

It Is All About Energy

All living things need energy. Plants need energy to grow. Animals and humans need energy to grow into adults. They also need energy to move and to keep their bodies working properly.

How do plants, animals, and humans get energy?

Plants need sunlight because they get energy from the Sun. Some animals eat plants to get energy. They take in the energy that the plant got from sunlight.

When an animal eats a plant, the energy in the plant goes into the animal. Giraffes get energy from the leaves and twigs they eat. If a lion eats the giraffe, the lion takes in the energy that the giraffe got from its food.

Humans and some animals eat plants and animals. They get energy from both types of food.

Sunlight is a form of energy. The diagram below shows how energy moves between living things. This energy moves in the form of food.

Who Eats What?

A food chain shows how the energy that starts out as sunlight moves from one living thing to another. For example:

  1. Grass gets energy from sunlight.

  2. Grasshoppers eat grass.

  3. Frogs eat grasshoppers.

  4. Snakes eat frogs.

  5. Owls eat snakes.

We can make a diagram to show a food chain. Start at “sunlight” and follow the food chain.
Each time you see an arrow, say “gives energy to.”

To learn more about food chains, watch the video by Peekaboo Kidz on Youtube.

Now Show What You Know!

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