Lesson 21 – Fog

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Read About Fog


Read the vocabulary terms to understand the reading better.

A cloud is a large amount of tiny water droplets that float in the sky together.

Fog is tiny water droplets that hover in the air. Fog is like a cloud, but not high in the sky.

A lighthouse is a tall building that has a bright light near the top that helps guide ships.

Water is a clear liquid that has no taste or smell.


What Is Fog?

Fog is made of many tiny drops of water. The drops of water float in the air. The drops can float in the air because they are so tiny.

Clouds are also made of tiny drops of water in the air. Fog is like a cloud that is close to the ground.

Fog makes it hard to see far. Very thick fog can make it hard to see things that are close to you.

Why Can Fog Be Dangerous to People?

Fog can be dangerous if you are crossing a street. You might not see a car coming. The driver of a car might not be able to see you. Be very careful crossing a street when it is foggy.

Why Can Fog Be Dangerous to Boats?

Fog can be thick over a lake or ocean. People in a boat can get lost if they cannot see the land. Some places have lighthouses to help people in boats.

A lighthouse is a tall tower with a big, bright light at the top. The light shines out over the water. People in boats can see the bright light when it is foggy. The light helps to keep boats from getting lost.

To learn more about fog, watch the video by SciShow Kids on Youtube.

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