Topic – Fitness and Health

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Fitness and Health

Your body is made of systems. These include your respiratory system and muscular system. They work together to help you do all the things you want to do. It is important to keep each of these systems healthy by staying fit. You can do this through regular exercise.

It Is Great to Be Fit!

When you are fit, your heart can pump more efficiently. Your muscles are also stronger. You are more flexible and your joints move more easily. You do not get sick as often and your injuries heal faster. You also have improved balance. This makes you better at sports such as skiing, kayaking, and hockey.

Feel Good

Are you feeling stressed? Staying fit can help. People who exercise feel less stress. In addition, exercising actually puts you in a better mood. When you work out, your brain releases chemicals that make you feel happier.


People who are fit sleep better. They fall asleep faster and they sleep more soundly.


An easy way to help stay fit and healthy is to not smoke. Smoking damages your respiratory system. It also affects your whole body, since all of your systems are linked.

Every Day

You need about 60 minutes of exercise every day. That sounds like a lot, but you get exercise every time you walk up the stairs or walk to a friend’s home. You also get exercise when you pick up a stack of books. Try to work all of your muscles every day by doing a variety of exercises.

Staying fit all your life will help you live longer and healthier.

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