Topic – Finding New Friends

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Finding New Friends

Here are some ways to find new friends.

Look for People Who Like Something You Like

Tina loves stickers. She has lots of different stickers. Tina saw that Anna had lots of stickers on her backpack. Tina knew that Anna must like stickers, too. Tina asked Anna if they could trade stickers. Now Tina and Anna are friends.

Look for People Who Are Nice to Others

Jimmy watched Sam at recess. Jimmy saw Sam being nice to people. Sam always let other people take turns. Sam never said mean things to people. “I will see if Sam wants to be my friend,” said Jimmy. “I think Sam would be a good friend.”

Look for Someone Who Needs a Friend

Tony was new in Rachel’s class. Tony had moved from another city. He did not know anyone at his new school. Rachel saw that Tony stood by himself at recess. He did not play with others. “Tony needs a friend,” said Rachel. Rachel started talking to Tony at recess. They told each other funny jokes. Now Rachel and Tony are friends.

Look for Friends Outside of School

Layla, Tim, and Lee met at Story Time at the public library. They go on Saturday mornings to listen to stories. Layla, Tim, and Lee all go to different schools. They became friends at the public library.

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