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Topic – Feeling Angry

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Feeling Angry

Everybody gets angry sometimes. What makes you angry? You might get angry when your parents will not let you do something. Or maybe you get angry when kids at school tease you. People can get angry for many different reasons.

Anger can fill your body with energy. You might feel like using that energy to hit someone, yell at someone, or break something. Doing these things can get you into trouble, and that will not help at all.

What Should You Do When You Get Angry?

When you get angry, try to calm down right away. Some people count to 10 or take a few deep breaths. If you can calm down, it is easier to stop yourself from doing something that could get you into trouble.

When someone makes you angry, tell the person how you are feeling and why. For example, you might say,
“I am angry because you are teasing me and it hurts my feelings.” Remember not to yell.

Doing something active can help you feel less angry. You could run around your backyard or the playground. Some people go for a bike ride or do jumping jacks. Being active helps to get rid of the energy you feel when you are angry.

Talking about your feelings helps, too. Tell a parent or a friend about what happened and how you are feeling. You can ask for a hug to help you feel better.

Doing something fun can help get rid of anger. You might play your favourite song and sing along. Some people play video games or watch a funny movie. Find out what works best for you.

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