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Topic – Fact Sheet: The Moon

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Fact Sheet: The Moon

Read these interesting facts about the Moon.

  Light from the Sun reflects off the Moon and travels to Earth. That is why the Moon shines. The Moon does not make its own light.

  There are mountains on the Moon. The tallest mountain on the Moon is about half as tall as the highest mountain on Earth.

  The first person to walk on the Moon was the American astronaut Neil Armstrong. He travelled to the Moon in the Apollo 11 spacecraft in 1969.

  Sometimes large space rocks crash into the Moon. When that happens, the rocks leave craters on the Moon’s surface. Craters are large holes shaped like the inside of a bowl. You can see the craters if you look at the Moon through binoculars or a telescope.

  The same side of the Moon always points toward Earth. We did not see the other side of Moon until scientists launched spacecraft to take photographs of it.

  The Moon is very hot during the day, and freezing cold at night. During the day, the temperature on the Moon is hot enough to make water boil. The astronauts who landed on the moon had spacesuits to keep them from getting too hot or too cold.

  There is no wind or rain on the Moon.   

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