Topic – Elizabeth Blackwell

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Elizabeth Blackwell

Elizabeth Blackwell was born in England in 1821. Her family moved to the United States when she was 11 years old. Six years later, her father died. Elizabeth began working as a teacher.

Going to Medical School

After several years, Elizabeth decided go to medical school to become a doctor. She wrote to 29 medical schools. None of them would allow a woman to go to their school. At that time, most people believed that women should not be doctors.

Finally, Elizabeth wrote to a small medical school in New York state. The school asked the male students if a woman should be allowed to come to the school. The students thought it was a joke, so they voted to let the woman come. They were surprised when Elizabeth showed up at the school!

Elizabeth worked hard and finished medical school with the best marks in her class. She was the first woman to complete medical school in the United States. Elizabeth had become a doctor.

Working as a Doctor

Elizabeth’s sister Emily also became a doctor. The two sisters started a special hospital for women and children in New York City. They also started a medical school just for women. Later, Elizabeth moved to England and started another medical school for women.

Elizabeth died in England in 1910. Thanks to her courage and hard work, more and more women were able to become doctors.

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