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Earth Hour

What Is Earth Hour?

Earth Hour is an event that takes place every year in over 150 countries. Most countries have Earth Hour on a day in March. On this day, people are asked to turn off lights for one hour during the evening.

Do People Need to Turn Off  All the Lights?

People are asked to turn off any lights they do not really need. Turning off all the lights could be dangerous. People might hurt themselves by walking into things or falling down stairs. Businesses that are open in the evening need to keep some lights on.

What Is the Purpose of Earth Hour?

Earth Hour was started to make people think about ways to care for our planet. Turning off lights means we use less electricity. Making electricity can cause pollution. When we use less electricity, we put less pollution into the air.

Earth Hour is not just about saving electricity on one day each year. Earth Hour is a reminder that we should always think about what we can do to help our planet. People can do more than just turning off lights they do not need. For example, they can recycle and they can sometimes take the bus rather than driving a car. They can do something every day to help our planet.

How Can You Help?

You can find out when the next Earth Hour is in your country. (Ask an adult to use the Internet to find out.) Then ask your family and friends to take part. Remind them to keep on lights they need to stay safe. You can also try to do one thing each day to help our planet.

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