Topic – Drying Clothes

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Drying Clothes

Clothes are wet when they come out of a washing machine. How do wet clothes get dry?

There is water in wet clothes. If you squeeze the clothes, you will see water come out of them. Clothes get dry when the water in them evaporates, or dries up.

It can take a long time for all the water in clothes to evaporate. A clothes dryer makes the water evaporate more quickly.

How a Clothes Dryer Works

A clothes dryer blows air on wet clothes. Moving air makes the water in the clothes evaporate more quickly. The water turns into water vapour in the air. The clothes are dry when all the water in them has evaporated.

Moving air makes water evaporate more quickly. Heat also makes water evaporate more quickly. A clothes dryer uses heat and moving air to dry clothes quickly.

A clothes dryer heats the air that it blows on the clothes. The air in the dryer is moving and it is warm. The inside of the dryer spins. Warm air moves around all the clothes as they tumble in the dryer. The warm, moving air makes the water in the clothes evaporate quickly. Soon the clothes are dry.

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