Topic – Dragonflies

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What Do Dragonflies Look Like?

A dragonfly has a long body and big wings. Many dragonflies have wings that you can see through. Dragonflies can be different colours.

What Do Dragonflies Eat?

Mosquitoes and flies are two insects that dragonflies eat. Sometimes, a large dragonfly will eat a smaller dragonfly.

How Do Dragonflies Hunt?

Dragonflies use their large eyes to find an insect to eat. They make a basket shape with their legs and trap the insect inside. Next, they bite the insect so it does not get away. Then they find a place to eat it.

How Do Dragonflies Grow?

An adult dragonfly lays eggs in water where plants grow. The baby that comes out of each egg is called a nymph (say it like this: nimf). The nymph does not have wings. It lives in the water.

When the nymph is big enough, it crawls up the stem of a plant to get out of the water. Then the nymph sheds its skin. An adult dragonfly with wings comes out of the old skin.

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