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Topic – Do It Safely

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Do It Safely

You know how important physical activity is for your body. When you get your body moving, you are keeping your body healthy now and for the future. You can play a team sport such as hockey or baseball. You can do classes in yoga or aerobics. You can train to take part in a run. You can play with your friends at the park or ride your bikes together.

You should do different activities so all parts of your body get a workout. You should exercise regularly. But the most important thing is to enjoy what you do. If you like something, you will do it more often.

Keeping Safe

No matter what you do, it is important to do it safely. Here are some tips to help you keep safe.

• Choose the proper equipment. Wear the proper helmet for your activity. A bicycle helmet is different from a helmet you would wear to play hockey. Protect your eyes. Wear the proper goggles or face guards for the activity. If you wear glasses, get a prescription pair of goggles. Do not wear your regular glasses to play a sport.

Wear a mouth guard to protect your mouth and teeth for sports such as football. Wear pads to protect parts of your body for activities such as skateboarding. Wear the proper footwear for the activity. And make sure your footwear is in good shape. Worn-out shoes can be dangerous. Know how to use your equipment properly.

• Warm up for any activity or exercise. If you are riding your bike, start off slowly. Give your muscles a chance to move before working them too hard. Before playing a sport, do some easy jogging or walking. Then do some stretches to warm up your muscles.

• Give your body time to heal if you hurt yourself. And if you do get an injury, stop what you are doing right away. Do not exercise if you are sick. Wait until you are feeling better.

• Follow the rules of the game you are playing. Rules not only keep a game fair, but they protect the people playing. And follow the rules of the road if you are inline skating or riding your bike.

Now get out there and have fun!

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