Lesson 02 – Different Types of Habitats

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Read About Different Types of Habitats


Read the vocabulary terms to understand the reading better.

Cities are habitats for humans,  many plants, and animals.

This is when a species’s habitat is threatened or near extinction, and the habitat needs protection.

An ocean is a big body of salt water.

A prairie is a habitat with mostly grasses but also has flowering plants and some shrubs or a few trees.

A swamp is an area of land usually covered with water, has trees and is always wet. 

Wetlands are found between water and dry land. Swamps and marshes are wetlands.

Different Types of Habitats

There are many types of habitats around the world. Let us look at some types of habitats in North America.

To learn more about different types of habitats, watch the video by Harmony Square on Youtube.

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