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Topic – David Suzuki

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David Suzuki

David Suzuki is a Canadian scientist. He became famous for helping Canadians learn more about science. He teaches people about nature and how they can help to protect the environment.

David is a Japanese Canadian. A Japanese Canadian is someone who is a Canadian citizen and has ancestors from Japan.

Growing Up

David was born in 1936 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Later, David’s family moved to Ontario. After high school, David went to university in the United States to become a scientist. Then he returned to Canada and taught at a university in British Columbia.

Teaching People About Nature

When David was young, his father helped him to become interested in nature. As a scientist, David learned more about nature and the environment. He saw that people can help or hurt nature. He wanted to share his knowledge with people who were not scientists.

In 1970, David started a television show about science for kids. Four years later, he started a radio show about science for adults. He went on to create many more television shows about science and nature. Some of these television shows won awards and were seen in countries around the world.

David has written more than 50 books about science, including many books for kids. His books and television shows teach people that it is important to care about nature. They also tell people what they can do to help protect nature and the environment.

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